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Marijuana Detox Drinks – Do They Work for Drug Test

Marijuana Detox Drinks – Do They Work for Drug Test

If your test is supervised and you can not use synthetic urine, then the second-best options are Marijuana detox drinks. These drinks will mask THC and other drug metabolites in your system for up to 5 hours. They usually work the same way, it’s important that you shouldn’t use drugs (not even marijuana) in the last few days before the test. Using drugs will significantly decrease your chance of passing the test. I will share my experience with marijuana cleansing drinks in this article.

What Are The Most Popular Weed Detox Drinks

I personally have tried a couple of these Marijuana detox drinks, but for me most was a big fail, the most popular ones are :

  • Stinger
  • Qcarbo
  • Champ Flush Out
  • And Mega Clean detox drink

I have a youtube channel where I shared my experience, actually, I failed my very first drug test with Stinger detox drink and have failed a couple of home drug tests with Qcarbo, Chump flush out, magnum detox and other crap quality marijuana cleansing drinks, these drinks DO NOT WORK.

If they didn’t work a couple of years back why would they work now? I don’t think they have completely redesigned their detox liquids, the reasons they are still popular because they are heavily marketed and because of fake (paid) detox drink reviews.

best Marijuana detox

Some people have a different experience, some says Stinger detox drink work very well, this is the comment I got on one of my videos:

Steinger Detox Drink Review from Youtube

„And it was $34 a bottle for me it wasn’t $10 a bottle you must have bought a bootleg Kool-Aid with sugar in it with an interest in her bottle but you didn’t buy Stinger because Stinger is $34 they sell it now at Walmart for 2999 you should buy one of those and test it out.

Detox drinks for drug test

I guarantee your clean within an hour you take it you pissed twice you take it to fill the bottle up four times piss twice in between the time that you need to piss test or detox and by that second or third piss your clean and you cannot over drink water if you drink any water more than what they tell you-you’re pissing the product out.

I bought this product three different times from Infinity’s in a store that sells alternative type merchandise and I’ve passed every drug test with it what you guys are doing wrong is your not looking at the weight requirements or you’re smoking cigarettes or your taking prescription medicine while you’re supposed to be detoxing with this product I have passed a drug test three times with this product.

I passed a drug test at a temp service and then when they hired me on full time I use this product again to detox and I passed then there was another job before that that I use this product to detox and I passed you guys are using the product wrong.”

Obviously the comment writer has some issues with grammar, but besides that, he might be right about Stinger detox, what I know it didn’t work for me and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone, there are much better marijuana cleansing drinks on the market and you are guaranteed to pass the test if you use them.

Marijuana Detox Drinks That Work

Even if you are a light smoker with light body mass its not worth to risk with weak detox drinks like stinger or Champ flush out, go for the best and biggest one even if it’s slightly more expensive.

I have passed many tests in the past with mega clean detox drink (combined with Toxin Rid detox pills), but recently I use Rescue Cleanse 32Oz from Clear Choice. In my opinion, its the best detox drink for a drug test in 2017 and I would recommend it for anyone. Follow the instructions to the T and you will pass your test I can Guarantee.

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