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Cannabis Clones Just as Good as Seed

Cannabis Clones Just as Good as Seed

This is a big big subject among professional growers today. Some know in the bottom of there heart that clones will never beat seeds and that’s that. Others (like me!) have gone through the pain staking process of testing this theory to the max.

You’ll be shocked at what I found. No matter if it’s a clone ,or seed stock , it really all boils down to superior genetics. Let me explain. I started growing Blue Dream in 2009 because it was one of the first commercially available breeds to the market that could preform under most any condition. I grew along side hippie scientists and powerful young minds all trying to simplify the process of growing top quality cannabis.

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Here is what I found. Seeds have always been the way to go for years now. Cloning, though not a new technology, is treated with fear and disrespect. Same goes for all things most don’t understand. The bare truth is, all you must do is find the right genetics. Meaning if you find a plant that is growing better,faster,stronger than the rest. YOU SHOULD CLONE IT NOW!!!

Cloning is basically cutting certain parts of the plant off, and re-rooting that piece with hormones that can be purchased legally and easily in your city. A single healthy plant can give up to 250 clones in one sitting, or smaller amounts for as long as you keep the plant alive! You won’t have to buy seeds and go through the hassle of 50%male 50%female. As we all know males ruin your crop. Each seed, even from the same plant, will all grow a little different from one another.

What To Do

If you just can’t leave seeds alone then germinate your best seeds now! When they are big enough, choose the plants that are doing the best. The plants that are responding the best, and use them to start a crop of clones that will all preform the exact same as the original. Yes I mean yield as well. The entire crop will be top choice. Best of all, your new crop can give clones as well. That’s right, clone of clones!!! I grew that same Blue Dream breed for two years and never had to buy another plant. The yield was always huge and the numbers were always consistent. Use this method and always have the breed you love.


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